February 22, 2018

DJ Profile: Craig Guest | Riot Productions, Vancouver Wedding DJ

Craig Guest

DJ Profile: Craig Guest | Riot Productions, Vancouver Wedding DJ“Master of crowd science, feel-good atmosphere producer and dance floor moderator.” 

DJ Craig is the heart and soul of Riot Productions. Being the Owner and Head DJ here at Riot, he oversees all weddings and events we cater to. Craig specialises in Old School, Hip Hop and 90s music along with the Top Hits.

Craig has been in the music industry since 2001 when he first picked up his drumstick. Being naturally inclined with music, it was only a matter of time after he starting playing drums that he transitioned into becoming a DJ. DJ Craig’s passion towards bringing nostalgic memories through his music stems from his love for connecting with people. Having spent many years playing at various events including weddings, corporate functions and fundraisers, Craig has become quite adept with a broad range of music and a library filled with music for almost any genre you can think about. Punjabi? Italian? Croatian? You name it and he probably has it.

“DJing, for me, is a science. You have to be able to read your crowd and bring them music that would make them want to bust a move. You know you have a good DJ when the breaker blows for 3 times and the dance floor comes back to life as soon as the music comes back on!”